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The Silence by Frostwalker
Mature content
The Silence :iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 9 5
Fawnlings Pentaptych by Frostwalker Fawnlings Pentaptych :iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 13 5
Misery Shared
Featuring Lord Knox and Lord Orrick
Winter, Year 768 of the New Age
Royal Glades, Glenmore

He existed in a numb haze. The spinning cycle of sun and moon, fair weather and foul, had no space in his mind. Orrick lived in a fog of cloudy nothingness. There seemed no urgency to eat or to move. Sometimes there was no difference between sleeping and wakefulness, he stayed exhausted in either state.
Sometimes, the clouds parted and he saw the world around him as it was.
His family receiving condolences from friend and foes alike. That dark brute, the one who had caused such pain in Orrick’s kin, continued to befuddle the young buck. His words were gentle and sincere. Orrick could only see them whispering from the mouth of a face snarled in fury and lust. He shuddered and cringed away, but then the fog rose again and none
:iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 4 5
Divergent Paths
Featuring Adamina, Blue, Claer, & Vaelan:
Late Summer, Year 1995 | The Tunnels, Linx Territory
Vaelan's talons clicked unceremoniously on the stone floor of a tunnel leading from a large banquet hall. It reminded him of some of the Saraph mines and slave holding cells, though by far more welcoming and peaceful. They had all come a long way since then. With uncertainty in his eyes, he looked upon all of them, Adamina, Claer, and Blue---who they'd discovered was actually Tomhás and the son of a king. Vaelan was happy for Blue, he truly found his way home. A smile crept at the corners of his beak for a moment while glancing at the other three, but faded as they continued on for what somehow seemed like the last time. It had been a long and happily eventful night, and the feast had been grand but no
:iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 3 0
I've Been Throwing Stones by Frostwalker I've Been Throwing Stones :iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 13 9 Skiamaki Ta Naqas | Tiercel-et | Herd Member by Frostwalker Skiamaki Ta Naqas | Tiercel-et | Herd Member :iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 7 7
Diako Ta Naqas with mentions of Atiyah Hazine, Sahalie, Daima Benezar, Fable Ta Naqas and Taavlouch (NPC)
Early Autumn, 1996 NG | Burning Abyss Arena, Saraph Territory

Talons and hooves clicked off stone floors to echo down the hallways. Diako stopped just inside the rebuilt grand hall and observed the changes that had been wrought in his absence. So far, his instructions seemed to have been followed fully. The earthmovers in his employ had cleared the rubble and reshaped the hallway into its former glory. Tall and narrow archways along the longer walls gave views of the balconies on either side. Light streamed in to spread across the floor in brilliant bars.
Diako gently rubbed the new floor w
:iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 0 2
Diako x Samsara - Skiamaki Ta Naqas by Frostwalker Diako x Samsara - Skiamaki Ta Naqas :iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 6 3
In the Dark of the Night
Featuring Salire, with mentions of Pagan, Sambhu and Alkaia
Autumn 1996 NG | Shadow Creche, Austerian Territory
Sleepy green eyes opened to a forest dipped in silver light. The moon was high and the sky was clear, letting brilliant moonlight flood the forest below. All of the creche was painted in sparkling pale hues. The small cross drake snuggled closer against his sleeping brother, feeling a faint chill in the air. Pagan, as brilliant and sun-hued as Salire was not, burbled in his sleep but didn't stir. Everyone around was still dead to the world.
As he scooted closer to Pagan's warmth, Salire felt tension along the tip of his tail. Raising his head slowly he glanced back and followed the line of his extended limb to find the small poof of dark hair at its end was clutched tightly in the beak of his other brother
:iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 0 0
Dangerous Ladies

Featuring; Noaxmi and Synthia

Summer, Y1996NG | Western Tunnels, Linx Territory
She quickly ran behind Striker and the others as he had bellowed out the word Prisoners. Could he truly have found them? It wasn’t all that surprising though to her, none of these prisoners were tactical in the art of battle or warfare for they have known nothing but peace all their lives, so it was to be expected that they would foolishly expose themselves to enemy. She neatly bounded over the dead bodies that lay scattered across the blood soaked tunnels as they followed the sounds of the prisoners foot steps, yet as the group began to slow down and as she was about to reach the Shadow Strikers flank the other massive Shadow beside him jerked as did a few
:iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 0 0
A Way to Save Face by Frostwalker A Way to Save Face :iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 9 9 Just Business, You Understand by Frostwalker Just Business, You Understand :iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 14 4
Featuring Noaxmi with mentions of Padme, Alexi and NPC Shadows
Summer , 1996 NG
Western Tunnels, Linx Territory
Like a flood bursting through the dam, the Shadows plunged in raging torrents into the break in the Linx tunnels. Finally! Shadows and Ravens were impatient to teach the dunderhead fleabags a lesson. Spending so long camped outside their tunnels without nearly enough proper tussles had left Noaxmi and many of her companions itching for battle. How they longed to wield the might of their Queen and show the blasted beasts who to really fear! And now... now they had that chance.
Fury boiled their minds at Padme's betrayal, the wretch! Learning too late of their escape from Auster, the siege force had been taken by surprise when the escapees arrived. Noaxmi had been posted with N
:iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 3 0
Salire | Strake | Shadow Herd Member by Frostwalker Salire | Strake | Shadow Herd Member :iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 14 16 Ghostmaker by Frostwalker Ghostmaker :iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 7 5
Featuring Diako Ta Naqas and Atiyah Hazine
Autumn-Winter, Year 1994
Saraph Territory, The Gardens of Elysia
The throng of Saraphs began to dissipate as the dark, massive shadow emissaries concluded their little speech. Diako didn't care. He only had eyes for the flash of golden feathers he'd seen briefly when Daima had spoken out. Her name was in his throat, but he couldn't force it out into the world. What if he was wrong?
The white tiercel fiercely cut through drifting figures. She didn't appear before him. Jangling nerves twanged under his hide, and Diako realized he was starting to gather static electricity. With a conscious effort, he dissipated the magic. Breathe. He had to breathe. But her name was caught in his beak.
There! A whisper of bright color in the flashy crowd. She was saying something, he couldn't make out what, but it was h
:iconfrostwalker:Frostwalker 0 0

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Baby Talks
Summer was slowly waning. The weather was already beginning to cool off and the striped stag soon knew that autumn would take over Glenmore. Instead of lush green grasses underfoot there would be crunchy, fallen leaves of multiple colors. With autumn would come rut and with rut would come....mass chaos, to put it lightly. Autumn was the busiest season of all, the beginning of rut. By winter things would have calmed down somewhat... But it would still be a bit tense.
Knox was getting all of his 'ducks in a row'. He already knew of a few does who were interested in bearing his fawns this year, but they were the ones he was thinking about at the moment... His mind was on his lovely golden Princess. So far in their betrothal she hadn't had to restore his health just yet. Her job was to heal his wounds, keep him happy, and....give him fawns. So far she had been doing a shaky job on keeping him happy. One moment they were screaming at one another and the next chuckling at someth
:iconfishiefawns:fishiefawns 7 5
Glow by Silverti Glow :iconsilverti:Silverti 30 19 Sketch Lineup by Eternityspool Sketch Lineup :iconeternityspool:Eternityspool 15 0 Princess Enya by Eternityspool Princess Enya :iconeternityspool:Eternityspool 55 10
Secret Happiness
Excalibur was trotting up and down the meadow. She had been the last hour, her coat was stained with sweat, her breath heavy, but she kept on going.
“Milady, please, Lord Arthur will already be waiting for you. And I can’t imagine this...running around like a scarred rabbit...can be any good for you.” she briefly stopped upon hearing the voice of the dark stag standing to the side of the meadow, her chest heaving while she looked at him, taking a moment to catch her breath.
“He said I could stay here all afternoon. He said he was busy today.” Excalibur told the stag, who merely rolled his eyes.
“I still don’t think he would have approved of you doing this while he is not around, you know very well what he’ll expect from you, when he returns, milady.” the stag said.
Her ears folded back, yes, she knew what he’d expect. Ever since...the incident...Lord Arthur had taken a bit easier on he
:icondodgermd:DodgerMD 2 6
There's always a First
Let’s start where all things start, at the very beginning. I was a very lucky fawn, mind you, really lucky! My parents were both strong and powerful warriors. They were a strong pair, they appreciated each other in a way, that I one day would dream to achieve. They understood each other without words, without needing to say or do anything, they always knew what the other wanted. My mother however knew that my father’s heart didn't belonged to her and her alone, she was strong enough to not be stupidly jealous of petty things like a male. So, when other does came to ask for my father’s stud services, my mother was fine with it and she also was fine with it, when two does my father and mother once had liberated asked, if they could stay with them.
They were sisters from Glenmore and after their second winter in Blackwood had grown into respected and knowledgeable herbalists. They were called Nanna and Nótt, two dark beauties, that I only later learned had been ridi
:icondodgermd:DodgerMD 2 4
The Thaw
Featuring Ryroran and Zahira
Late Winter, Year 762 of the New Age
Blackwood, near Widow's Hollow

Winter was exiting its harshest days, but despite slow and steady thaw, it was still very cold, and the snow was deep. It made prey much easier to track, to find and to kill.
Although deep within the shadowed forest, brightened by the luster of the snow, it was not the wolf that had done the hunting. It was the earthy stag, who had hunted down a young wolf, separated from its pack. He’d felt a little sorry for killing the thing, honestly, but it would return to the Great Mother, as all things did. If She did not wish for this youngster to die, then She would not have allowed it to cross his path.
“Rest, now, young one.” He took a swatch of the young wolf’s snowy pelt, and
:iconrvmstables:RVMStables 2 2
A new home - Ghanima by Rhith A new home - Ghanima :iconrhith:Rhith 7 0 Our Love Shall Bloom Like Roses by templarknight94 Our Love Shall Bloom Like Roses :icontemplarknight94:templarknight94 17 15 Batch 8 | Festive Fawnling Giveaway 2015 by TigressDesign Batch 8 | Festive Fawnling Giveaway 2015 :icontigressdesign:TigressDesign 17 20 Fawnling Secret Santa 2015 - Fiery Uriel by Shotechi Fawnling Secret Santa 2015 - Fiery Uriel :iconshotechi:Shotechi 83 27
First Victim
Featuring Lieutenant Theon and Guard Rhydian
Autumn, Year 763 of the New Age
Glenmore, Glenwood
Mentions of Lady Rose(npc) and Donnaghan

It was a warm Autumns day; rain hadn't fallen for a few days making the ground dry under his feet. He had been granted a short break to go check on his mother who he hadn’t visited in a few days. Her health had not been the best for the last year or so and he needed to make sure the hoof maides were doing their job and looking after her well. Her hoof maiden has been at her side for a good seven years so he trusted her well to look after his mother and had never let him down so far.
"Mother?" Theon called out, sticki
:iconbrokenfawnhill:BrokenFawnHill 1 0
Herbalism is Hard
Featuring Tafari and Rabbit
Early Autumn, Y763NA
Silverthorne, The Silverwood

The tawny stag moved slowly through the Silverwood, moving at a much slower pace than normal. He was completely exhausted, having just returned from a trip to the Whitepeak Range. He had taken a squad of soldiers there to do their first sweep of the season. The borders were extremely heavily guarded against Blackwood attacks, thanks to Skuldafn's decree. Tafari had to admit that the golden King was a good one...but he felt that more could be done. It was part of the reason why he had decided to run in the Election this year. He knew his chances were slim, due to his rank and the short amount of time he had had it, but he had to try. However, this was neither here nor there.
The tawny stag was covered in numerous scrapes, cuts, and a few deep gashes. He was bruised practically down to the bone. He and his
:iconnitwitch:nitwitch 3 5
Something Shared
Featuring Derryth and Tagg:

Winter, Year 762 of the New Age

Glenmore, Haven

He bounced on the trail since simply trotting wasn't enough. It was very important that he found his bestest friend Tagg as fast as possible. Tagg wasn't under the bush he had hidden last time they played hide-and-seek but then again it was yesterday.
Suddenly he saw him with the grullo colts mother. He was all smiles as he came up to them. Tagg's dad was a very cool guard and his mother was really nice but Derryth wasn’t sure what she was besides a doe and Tagg’s mama. His mother had said that things were different now when they lived here. Now he was just Derryth. He hadn't really understood the word 'just'. It wasn’t like he had been someone else but himself before either. It wasn’t like he had been part Tagg in the
:iconstrideroo:strideroo 3 5
: Here Comes Goodbye. : by Hydrawxide : Here Comes Goodbye. : :iconhydrawxide:Hydrawxide 23 17
Another Journey
Soon winter would arrive... The first snows would billow in and cover the Western Isles in a sheet of white. Kerras knew that he needed to get back to his homeland before the first snows fell. The Ridgeback Range was dangerous enough in the other seasons, but in the winter- covered in snow and ice.... It was a death trap. He'd heard stories of raiders slipping and falling to their deaths... He'd almost done it before.. So, he needed to get going soon, so he'd be back safe in his homeland before the snows came in. But, something made him want to stay.... Eir. If only he didn't have to leave... But, he had to. The pale exiled Princess had gotten more than his affections lately.... and he knew he would miss her dearly.
Today was the day that he was going to force himself to leave... He would tell Eir goodbye and then he would be gone. But, first...he needed to talk to her about something. Eir was a princess....if he had some sort of black magic curse upon him she would pick
:iconhayleywolf:HayleyWolf 3 6

Who will come out on top in the Shadow siege of the Linx pack?! 

2 deviants said THE DARKNESS IS RISING!
No deviants said Well really, it's up to us to decide!
No deviants said
No deviants said also raffle! when do we NOT have a raffle?! never.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Y'all know I can't stop talking about the Anomalous-Chronicles and their constant events and raffles?!

:iconanomalous-chronicles: :iconanomalous-chronicles: :iconanomalous-chronicles:

The Battle Has Begun! [Group Event]:new: Part II is live and ready to be responded to! :new:

After literal years of planning/plotting, the time has finally come for the all-out brawl against the Shadows to come to fruition!
A rebel force comprised of Linx, Nombeko, Scybillines, and renegade Austerians have joined together to fight against the Shadow Alliance.
While they were too late to save the late Austerian Queen Haraedla, there is still hope for Crown Princess Cadhara!
In honor of this event, welcome to -drumrolls- a mini group event!

First off, to those that haven't been following the Shadow Alliance story arc:

[Remember, responses to each of the Mass RPs garners bonus skill earnings of +2 for collaboration and +1 for Mini-Event response in addition to your normal art/literature skill earnings!  If you haven't already, it's a good idea to respond to each of the pieces, as applicable! a '*' next to the RP marks it as a Mass RP.]
:bulletblack: In t

This series of mass rps are the culmination of actual YEARS of plotting and character development for the whole group! We're super proud to have reached this grand finale showdown between the dark and dangerous Shadow Empire and the put upon rag-tag forces of Anomalous' various herds over the fate of the Austerian Kingdom!

This event is a great chance to dive in and be a part of mass rps where segments of your own replies will be featured, an excellent opportunity to collab with users and characters from all over the in-game world AND earn just a bunch ton of stat points for your characters!

ON TOP OF THAT, by participating in this mega event, you'll have a shot at earning high level rewards for use across your Anomalous account and get some sweet event specific tokens! WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?!

:iconanomalous-chronicles: :iconanomalous-chronicles: :iconanomalous-chronicles:

Tagging some pals both new and old to Anomalous in hopes of bringing y'all some good ole' battle action ARPG fun!


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United States


213 deviations
Lord Orrick | Stag | Glenmore Lord
NewNEW REF! Orrick's lost some weight from his mourning period, as well as grown in his first set of antlers!

Basic Information

Name: Lord Orrick, Orr
Gender: Colt
Age: 5
Year of Birth: 764 of the New Age
Height: Predicted to be 10 hh
Build: Medium
Phenotype: Smoky Black Max Part Restricted Classic Fawn
Genotype: Ee/aa/nCr/fwfws/rzrz
Eye Colour: Brown
Design Sheet:

Sire: Lord Knox
Dam: Princess Brighid
Siblings: (out of date)
Year 762:
Lord Nuallan out of Lady Matilda
Lady Willow out of Lady Chila
Lady Ceren out of Candra
Year 763:
Lord Zaedyn out of Lady Matilda
Lord Cassius out of Lady Elinor
Duke Branko out of Panda
Lady Lucina out of Lady Deirbhealla
Lady Lorelei out of Candra
Lady Cairan out of Miya
Lady Elletta out of Ardulafey
Blodwen out of Poetry *disowned, unknown*

Year 764:

Lord Saranno out of Lady Azima
Lord Killian out of Lady Serres
Lady Tatia out of Felicity 
Lord Cyron out of Lady Estelle
Lord Ashcroft out of Lady Luceil
Lord Neo out of Lady Elinor (not biological; claimed)
Duke Kabir out of Minerva
Duke Linden out of Techiari
Lady Zai out of Ardulafey
Year 765:
Lord Ffael out of Princess Brighid
Lord Glenn out of Lady Deirbhealla
Lord Artorius out of Lady Laini
Lady Cassiopeia out of Lady Azima
Lady Ariadelle out of Lady Legalellan

Bloodline: 100% Glenmore
Magic Type: Earth

Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Young Lord
Mate(s): N/A
Current Location: Family Glen, Royal Grove Surrounds

Skill Points

Skill Points

Speed: 6 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)
Stamina: 19 [Medium Level]
Strength: 15 [Medium Level] [Capped at Basic Level]

Magic: 50  *BORN ADEPT* [Capped at Basic Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+2 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+4 strength - base bonus
+18 magic - hereditary bonus

+1 strength - art - Bang Your Head Against the Wall
+10 strength -
Festive Fawnling Giveaway 2016 Stat Boost
+4 stamina - collab lit - 2000+ words -
Fall Youth
+2 stamina - collab art - Fall Youth Frolic
+4 stamina - collab lit - 2000+ words - To Be Stronger
+2 speed - training/sparring with a Fawnling of higher level
+1 stamina - art - I've Been Throwing Stones
+2 speed - collab lit - 400-999 words -
Royalty On Ice
+1 stamina - art - The Silence
+2 stamina - lit - 1000-1999 words
- Like his father, Orr tends to keep things hidden under the surface. No matter what he's feeling, his exterior stays unruffled looking. Plus he tries not to come under the scrutiny of his mom by acting out of turn. He has a serious personality and approaches challenges and problem solving in a practical, logical manner.

Vain/Finicky/Perfectionist - Orrick is very aware that he is a LORD who has to look his best at every moment. Mom’s constant grooming made him very particular about keeping himself clean and tidy. What some stags might consider excessive neatness, Orr sees as basic hygiene. He has to be the perfect looking child. A surefire way to rouse Orrick’s usually dormant temper is to mess with his looks intentionally. The world is a filthy, mucky place and Orr reluctantly makes peace with that. Everyday grime, while a frustrating nuisance, is part of the natural order of the world. But someone who is deliberately causing a mess that includes Orrick? Repulsive! Villainous!

Strategic/Calculating/Diplomatic - One day, Orrick will be great at politics. He quickly understands the motivations of others, and will use that information to his every advantage. Orr learns how to get what he wants while raising the least amount of suspicion. He would never be so crude as to be found out for pulling the strings in his favor. Some might consider him manipulative, but he prefers to think of himself as cunning and circumspect instead.

Curious/Investigative/Meddling - Despite his deadpan exterior, Orrick delights in seeing how other fawnlings react to different situations. He loves to mix things up and watch the results, whether that be someone physically going outside their comfort zone, or arranging things so that fawns who would otherwise never interact must come into contact with each other. Naturally such scenarios are rarely traced back to him in a negative manner! Should he put his mind to it, Orrick would likely be an excellent matchmaker. But a LORD does have other duties to occupy his time!

Protective/Loyal/Defensive - Convinced that one cannot be a true lord if one cannot keep their family and loved ones safe, Orrick has become increasingly protective of his siblings, especially those that are younger than him. Orrick is particularly concerned with the welfare of his full baby brother, Ffael, and will thoroughly trounce anyone who tries to mess with his baby bro, whether it the trouncing be verbal or physical. He is not afraid of pain, and not afraid of standing up to ANYONE.

All together now! To summarize:
On the outside, Orrick does all he can to ensure he looks unflappable and perfectly bred. Living up to his title as Lord, and as a firstborn son of a Princess, is incredibly important to him.
Internally, Orrick hides a highly curious and clever mind. It's not that he thinks everyone else is a puppet he can control, but more that he understands he is part of a great game of politics - and he intends to play his part well, while ensuring everyone around him is caught up too. Despite the enjoyment he takes from setting fawnlings up for new experiences, Orrick does not himself appreciate surprises.
Once he understands the scope of the world around him as well as within the echelons of Glenmore nobility, it wouldn't be too surprising to find that Orrick has dreams of gaining a position of even greater power and esteem than a Lord. Whoever holds the throne better watch out! If this unsuspected scheming schemer isn’t aimed in the right direction, or at the right enemy, he could end up causing a fair bit of chaos within Glenmore!

Orrick is a traditional dark stag who used to take great pains to keep his coat and mane as tidy as possible. Lately he has lost significant weight, allowing ribs to show. His mane and tail grow long and straight, and despite neglect retain a glossy smoothness.


Born into the high society of Glenmore, Orrick is his father’s, Lord Knox’s, first fawn out of his Princess mate, Brighid. Both parents have strong expectations for their first born son, and once he understands that the expectations exist, Orrick rises to meet them as best he can. Much like his father, Orrick tends to show the world a stoic or scowling exterior, regardless of his inner feelings.

After Knox's defeat at the tines of Lord Raven in Autumn 765, Orrick was a deeply changed colt. His budding understanding of the need to be the perfect son became twisted into the notion that if he is not absolutely perfect, his loved ones will be injured or stolen away. Gone are the days when Orrick tried to make himself smile, and now he is found with brows permanently furrowed and mouth set in a frown. He pushes himself relentlessly to become stronger, faster, BETTER. Orrick is especially protective of his baby brother Ffael, who was born with an unfortunately pale coat. He is concerned at their mother's behavior towards the younger colt, and is starting to realize that Mommy and Daddy may not be as perfect as he thought they were all along.

Ffael's death in winter 768 shattered his older brother. Orrick lapsed into a year of deep mourning, depression and numbness. He became unresponsive and mute to everyone in his life, barring a few moments of clarity. Deep down, Orrick knows it was his fault that his brother died. He should have been there. He didn't keep one of the few creatures he loved safe. Grief led the young lord to wander aimlessly away from his family and hallucinate that Ffael was still alive, simply hiding out of sight.

After a year, Orrick has finally awakened from his anguished haze. Still raw with loss but realizing that he would cause his own death if he didn't make some changes, Orrick is attempting to return to noble life. He still rarely speaks and wears expressions of solemnity. In the wake of his sorrow, he has found solace in anger. His days are filled with relentless training to strengthen his body, and enforced rest to recover from a year of deprivation. He refuses to allow himself friendships and affections and holds all at arms length. Close ties are pitfalls of grief and loss waiting to happen.

Lord Knox:
Orrick’s father has always had high expectations for his son, and Orr puts every effort into meeting and surpassing those lofty goals. Disappointing his father, even slightly, is devastating to Orr. Conversely, Orr is a foil to his father’s temper. Rants, raves and sharp words wash over him like waves on a beach. He loves his father deeply, while not being blinded to his flaws. He places great respect in the way that his father uses his distinctive nature to turn heads and achieve his goals. Knox is one of the rare few fanwlings that Orrick will show true affection towards. Orrick feels as though his father is one of the few fawns that actually understands what it can be like to have such a deadpan exterior, and that it doesn’t indicate the soul within is unmovable.

Princess Brighid: Orrick’s mother is a doe of strong opinions and flaying words. Orrick considers her sharp mind to be the most attractive feature a doe can possess, and enjoys listening to his mom dissect the world around them. Another parental figure with intense expectations, both for herself and her firstborn son, that Orr strives to succeed in! He absolutely looks to his mom to further his understanding of other fawnlings’ behaviors, and how they can be best turned to their family’s advantage. While Orr loves his mother just as much as his father, as he grows older his ability to show her unrestrained affection becomes a personal challenge. To honor and respect Brighid, Orrick must be the perfect Lord -and unfortunately perfect Lords do not spend the day snuggling with mommy dearest once they get older!

Naturally, Perfect <<< Orrick is born!
Teh, How Rude!

Fall Youth
Fall Youth Frolic
To Be Stronger
Royalty On Ice
Bang Your Head Against the Wall
From What I've Seen +1000 compassion points
I've Been Throwing Stones
The Silence

By others:
Ceren? Did you stop to groom yourself? by Halloweendonkey
Ref: Lord Orrick by applecinna

The Silence
Featuring Lord Orrick
Winter, 769 NA
Glenmore, The Glenwood

Now you've hit a wall and it's not your fault
My dear, my dear, my dear
Now you've hit a wall and you hit it hard,
My dear, my dear, oh dear

Snow crunched underfoot as Orrick picked his way along a drift laden path. His legs felt numb and heavy. That wasn’t terribly unusual. His everything felt numb and heavy, no matter what. There was an extra weight to his head, what with his first set of antlers grown in. All they did was serve to bend his head closer to the earth. Without his brother, Orrick had come unmoored from himself.
Everything seemed so pointless, why bother tracking the details? The seasons passed in a blur. Were the days of heat and sunshine only half remembered dreams? Hadn’t he just seen Ffael a few days ago, after the first snow? Surely his little golden brother would come play in the drifts with him on a day like today.

“Stop it.”

Orrick started. He had thought he was alone on the path he walked, but some harsh voiced stag was calling out to him. The dark buck looked around for the other fawnling. He found no one.

Casting a wide glance at the deep snow, Orrick could only find his own prints. How had he come here? Where was here? Dawn was painting the sparkling snow’s surface in rosy blushes and delicate ambers. Where shadows lingered, they did so in brilliant blues and violets. Emerging from the snow like leaping fish caught in place, ice encased brambles and thorns lined the path. Ahead, this thicket grew closer and more dense. Snow had caught among the frigid thorns and begun to collect. Occasionally a too frail branch would snap and send its load of snow cascading through the air again.

There was silence, save for the creaking of the briars in their icy seals, and the gentle pattering of loose snow as it rejoined the piles burying the earth. Who had spoken?

Not that it mattered. Orrick hardly took in what was said to him anyways. He let his head drop again and lifted slender legs to continue along the path. Sometimes it was only the gentle but insistent nudging towards a meal that reminded him to eat. Who was doing the nudging most days, he wasn’t quite sure. Little existed beyond the hazy space before his eyes.

Something creaked in the thicket and landed with a dull thud. Orrick whipped out of his muzzy thoughts to face the impact. A golden lump, just visible through the tangle of brambles. His brother! Trust the little colt to go off into hiding. Orrick was always finding him tucked away in the most unusual spots-

“Stop it!”

The voice again! It was so loud and close. Hoarse and full of a sharp fury that cut Orrick to his core. Despite turning in a tight circle to look all around, he couldn’t find anyone else. No scent lay upon the air and no further sounds followed. Shaken now, with curling tendrils of unease threading through his numb haze, Orrick turned back towards the gold lump in the briar. As he moved towards it, a dark shape caught in the corner of his eye.

Orrick jerked to face the darkness, likely the speaker. He found himself staring into a patch of brambles where ice had built up into a thick, vertical sheet. Dawn light silhouetted Orrick in the reflection. He let out a small, shaky sigh. It was only him. Orrick hesitated to look away.

The figure reflected alongside him was a stranger. Gaunt of body and far too tall. He looked like near full grown stag! Orrick’s eyes flicked to the lump in the thorns. He really ought to go fetch his brother-

“Enough lies.”

Orrick caught the stag in the ice with his mouth open this time. He stared uncomprehendingly at himself in the ice and tried to reconcile the voice brimming with anger and violence to his empty eyed frame. He squinted. His reflection’s eyes narrowed sharply.

That couldn’t really be him, could it? He’d always prided himself in being a neat and tidy example of Glenmores nobility. The walking skeleton before him looked more like a work wizened, ancient gravedigger.

“You’re a mess.” He whispered to the image. This time he felt the sharpness of his own words as they left his mouth. He felt the cold air bite as he drew breath again. As if awakened from a long slumber, Orrick felt the deep cold in the air pressing against him. The warmth of the rising sun was a faint balm growing along his other side.

“He’s really gone, isn’t he?” Orrick asked his reflection.

“Yes.” The blurry stranger self confirmed harshly. “And you’re well on your way too, if you don’t stop this.”

Orrick blinked again, with the effort of clearing cobwebs from his mind. Clarity dripped and trickled back. He had headed out into the snow last night without any real intention of returning home. He had wanted his wandering legs to outpace the grief that still threatened to swallow him whole. But he could not escape this on foot. He would collapse out here eventually, drift into a frigid sleep and be blanketed by the next snowfall. It would be easy.

And what would that do to the rest of his family? His parents would find another son lost to the wilds, tame as they were in Glenmore the lands still held danger. The thought of his mother and father when they had found Ffael. When they had heard the news. He couldn’t do that to anyone. Were they looking for him even now?

Orrick shivered, feeling the weight of awareness and reality settling around him. He was cold, damn it all! The weight of his legs wasn’t that of anguish but of ice encrusted feathers.

“Weak.” His reflection spat. “Tired. I hope they’re already out looking. Even now you might not make it back.”

Orrick snorted. Anger warmed in his belly and he whirled away from the icy reflection that held too much truth. He’d promised to become stronger! Instead he had let himself waste away. Fury roiled through his shaking frame. He would not go peacefully into the sky kingdom through a nap in the drifts. He was meant to protect, to be strong!

With decisive steps, Orrick retraced his path through the snow. Each hoof stabbed into the earth with a violence that he embraced. Anger was a better shield than sorrow right now. He needed the churning heat it conjured to combat the frosty morning. He’d show that shadow in the ice. The nerve of calling him weak!

“I’ll show you,” Orrick panted in steaming breaths, “I’ll be stronger than anyone ever imagined. What’s a snowy morning to me? Nothing. Exercise!”

He clamped his mouth shut and focused on getting home, but thoughts in the same vein swirled through his head. When he was finally discovered by a glade guard some time later, Orrick’s face was fixed in a determined snarling mask. The guard wisely kept his thoughts to himself.

WC: 1156
Flagged mature for suicidal thoughts
Fawnlings Pentaptych
Featuring Rhoda, Lord Orrick, Sulaa, Pipra, and, Akeshi
Various Seasons and Years
Various Locations

Revisiting all my fawnlings as the New Year rolls in tonight. Each panel will be uploaded individually, but I really enjoyed how the lines and colors connected and played with each other. Thanks, random color palette generators of the internet! Forgot how much I missed all these characters <3


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